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Although not created with sustainability in mind, after learning the impacts the clothing industry has on the world, Mara Hoffman decided to instigate change. Now committed to responsible manufacturing practises and using eco-conscious or sustainable materials where possible, they have addressed the issue and act as an example to other fashion labels. Eco stuff aside, they make beautiful summer clothing perfect for trips abroad, and we’re big fans of their bright, printed swimwear. www.marahoffman.com


Shambala Festival is an award-winning green event, hosting a diverse mix of acts, ranging from music to acrobatics. 100% renewably powered, 100% vegetarian, and each year improving its recycling rates – it sets the standards for other festivals trying to be more green. One food stand even has a chickpea mincing bike to make falafels! And if the inevitable festival muck is getting to you there’s the option to drink champagne in a hot tub by the lake…mmm.  www.shambalafestival.org