Taking it back to how nature intended! Urnatur is a magical lodge in the Forest Hermitage, nestled in between the Holaved forests in Sweden. Owners Ulrika and Hakan have created a peaceful woodland experience that allows you to enjoy the ‘luxury of simplicity’.

With Håkan Strotz being a biologist and Ulrika Krynitz a designer, their shared interest in nature, design and self-sustainability has enabled a scenic haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here guests are able to stay in cottages and treehouses, without the use of electricity, internet or TV! When cold, you light a fire, when it gets dark you light a candle… when in nature et al. Sitting by the fireplace has become a favoured ritual, enabling guests to take time out and enjoy the moment.


Each tiny detail is carefully placed in order to create a harmonious setting, each cabin, including the restaurant are decorated in a sophisticated manner. Table cloths, curtains, paintings are selected to compliment nature’s intense beauty.

Things to Do
Whilst at Urnatur guests can take full advantage of the surroundings, for example learning how to make a fire, indulging in a forest spa and cooking meals together, such as crayfish parties or lamb on a spit. There is also a conference hall, named the ‘tin castle’ which holds conferences, workshops and other activities.

This idyllic escape away takes full advantage of the produce that is growing around the Hermitage. Herbs from the forest are regularly used, vegetables are grown and they even have their own sheep production. A truly natural stay, you have to see it to believe it.

Getting There
Located in the woods outside Ödeshög in Östergötland. it takes 2-3 hours to drive by car from Gothenburg, Stockholm or Malmö. There are also bus connections from Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm with Swebus Express to Ödeshög / Rasta. From the bus stop it is a 6km walk to Urnatur, but staff at the retreat are happy to pick up guests if possible.

Forest nights can be booked during both Spring, Summer and Autumn, Prices vary, but start from 1350 SEK which is around £123 upwards! Each night includes breakfast, a wood heated sauna and a stay you will never forget.